Do I need a national driver’s license?
Valid driver licenses in Greece according to local regulations that are at least 1 year old:

• European Driver’s License (issued by an EU country) • Drivers License issued by a country included in the Geneva Convention

International Driver’s License valid for at least one (1) day a is needed in case the National Driver's License (which is invalid less than one (1) year) is not complying with the above-mentioned specifications.
What is included in your offer?
• Our prices include*
• Full C.D.W. coverage (500.00 to 900.00€
• Insurance against Theft & Fire
• Insurance against damages caused during transportation with a ship
• Unlimited kilometers (When renting over 3 days)
• Additional driver coverage
• 24h
• Pick up / Drop off from Athens International Airport
• All legal taxes
What is the full C.D.W. coverage and how does it work?
C.D.W. (Collision Damage Waiver) is an insurance plan that covers your rental from all types of accidents that occurred by you or your additional driver and with the maximum agreed on waiver amount (Waiver amount is usually 500.00€ per accident for small and medium cars and up to 900.00€ for luxury models, minivans and SUVs). So, if you have an accident and you are at fault, the maximum amount you will be called to pay is the waiver amount.

Examples with a 500.00€ waiver:

A) For an accident with 100.00€ worth of damage, you will be billed the amount of 100.00€.

B) For an accident with a 2,000.00€ worth of damage, you will be billed only the amount of 500.00€.
Is there a way to reduce or completely diminish the waiver amount to zero? (Full Damage Waiver)
For leases less than 15 days duration we are not in the position to offer F.D.W. (0.00€ waiver)

For leases that exceed the 15 days duration, the Full Damage Waiver is available with an extra daily cost (calculated according to the vehicle type and lease duration). Even on the occasion of a Full Damage Waiver, tires and the car’s underpart are covered.
What is theft and fire insurance?
This insurance reduces the driver’s responsibility in case of total theft of the car or damage caused by fire (500.00€ up to 900.00€ depending on vehicle type). In case of total theft of the car or a fire, you must come in contact with our office and the police to report the incident. You are also required to submit to our office as soon as possible a copy of the police report, the lease documents, and the car keys. The insurance for theft is not applied after the agreed date of rent.
What is AUTO TRUST’s fuel policy?
Our policy with fuel is for the car to be returned with the same level/amount of fuel that it was delivered. Upon delivery of the car, the fuel level will be inspected with the customer's presence and will be noted on the lease contract. At the return of the car, if the fuel level is lower than the noted one, the difference will be billed to the customer. Our company does not charge any extra refill cost. In the occasion that the car is returned with a higher amount of fuel than the noted one, AUTOTRUST is not required to refund any fuel cost amount.
Can I transport the car to an island during its lease with no extra cost?
Our prices include free and pre-authorized permission for transporting the car with a ship to any Greek island. Insurance against damages caused during transportation with a ship is also included.
Can I cross outside the Greek borders?
Unfortunately, it is not allowed to cross outside the Greek borders driving a vehicle of AUTO TRUST.
Is there an extra cost for additional drivers?
No! Our prices include additional drivers providing they have the required documents and are over the age of 23.
Do you provide any additional equipment such as a GPS Navigator or child’s seat?
GPS Navigator and baby or child’s seat, are available with an additional one-time amount of 10.00 to 25.00€ per item (depending on the duration of the lease).
Are you able to deliver or pick up a car from another location further from the airport
Yes, we can deliver and pick up the car from another location in Athens with an additional cost 35€ (except Airport and South suburbs). * Free pick-up and delivery of the vehicle for less than seven (7) days rentals is provided only for the Athens International Airport area, such as airport terminal or Koropi metro station.
How early or late in the day can I pick up or return the car?
For deliveries or receipts during the opening hours of our office (08:00-20:00), there shall be no additional charge, while for the ones that are performed outside the opening hours, the charge shall be 35€.
I will be picking up the car early in the morning and returning it in the evening, will I be billed an extra day?
Even though a lot of rental companies have very strict policies with their billing of an additional day, we will not be billing you an additional day if the difference between delivery and return is less than 2 hours. In the occasion of a difference more than 2 hours, an additional day will be billed.
Can AUTOTRUST ensure I will be delivered the exact car I requested?
We are in the position to ensure for the duration that you wish and request, a car from the selected category, but we cannot ensure the exact car model. In any case, your preference will be noted and fully considered.
What is approximately the age of your available cars?
Even though there is a recent Greek Organization of Tourism regulation, that allows rental cars up to 12 years old, regardless of the financial position Greece is in, our company will not stop focusing to an updated fleet with an average age of 18 months and a maximum of 5 years old, continuing our commitment to the unconditional quality of our services.
Does AUTOTRUST require any payment in advance for the booking of the car?
Minimum payment in advance is required to ensure the final booking (usually 10-15% of the total agreed amount for the lease, the exact payment in advance will be presented with your offer).
My trip to Greece was canceled, will I pay any cancellation fees?
In the unfortunate event that your trip will be canceled, you will not be billed any cancellation fees. Your payment in advance will be returned in full if the cancellation is done 7-15 days (depending on the agreed booking) before the scheduled arrival.
What happens if I decide to extend/reduce the duration of renting the car a few days before I pick it up or during the contract?
You may extend or reduce the renting duration of the car, but please keep into consideration that the price fluctuates according to the total duration of the contract. We would appreciate if you notify us before your arrival for any changes. Also, please keep in mind that during high summer season we are not able to guarantee that your request will be fulfilled.
Can I pay with my credit or debit card?
We accept payments with credit or debit card to no additional cost.
Will I be charged a pre-authorization fee amount to my credit or debit card?
Upon your arrival, we will proceed to a pre-authorization hold to your credit/debit card. The amount depends on what is agreed on waiver amount and the request to release/refund will be sent the same day the car is returned with no new damages done. Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Dinners) the amount will be released/refunded 10 to 15 days from the day you return the car. Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) the amount may be refunded up to 60 or 90 days from the day you return the car. AUTOTRUST is not in the position to speed up the process. The time depends on the financial institution of your card. For security reasons, the process remains the same when renting a car with F.D.W. insurance as well.
How will I pick up my car when I arrive at Athens International Airport?
We will be monitoring your flight and a member of our team will be waiting for you at the arrivals area holding a label with your name.

When you get your luggage and exit the immigration’s section for passport check (not required for flights from Schengen countries), you will exit from area A (Non-Schengen) or area B (Shengen) into the arrivals hall and you will meet with our team member. The car will be parked in the outside area and for the documents of your contract, you will not need more than 5 minutes (We would advise having available your driver's license and passport or the driver's I.D. Card). Next thing, to begin and enjoy your stay in Greece!
What is the policy for off-road driving?
AUTOTRUST strictly forbids off-road driving for all of the cars.
What do I need to do in case of accident or mechanical failure of the car?
In case of accident or mechanical failure of the car, you must immediately contact us. In the in-car small cabinet, you will find a plastic envelope with all of the emergency phone numbers and the car’s documents. Once you contact us, we will provide you with instructions on how to proceed.

In case the car cannot be repaired at your current or wider area, we can arrange a replacement within the next 24 hours.

Please note, in case of an accident report, the police report of the incident along with photos, are required for any insurance claims.
What is the procedure to drop off the car at the end of my trip?
A member of our team will wait for you once more but in the area of departures. The exact details of date, time and departure gate will be discussed and taken down by our team member during the delivery of your car. In case of early departure or unexpected delay, please contact us to inform us.
Do I need to wash the car before I return it?
No! You are not required to wash the car. The cost of washing the car is already included in our prices. Only in rare occasions of difficult stains in the car's interior and upholstery (I.e. coffee stains, mud, excessive sand, etc)