Sightseeing in Greece

With Athens as your starting point, explore Greece by traveling with a reliable car

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Athens, the cradle of western civilization and democracy! The current capital of Greece is amongst the most ancient cities of the world and home to the famous more than 2.000-year-old Athens Acropolis and the Parthenon. In Athens, science and art found fertile ground and were able to bloom. Here is where people like Pericles lead the city through the Golden Age and others like Socrates and Plato created the important schools of philosophy of Ancient Greece. In modern history, Athens is not only a top destination for world tourist but also an up and coming European business hub. The city size and the numerous points of interest make the transportation challenging and demanding so renting a car is highly recommended.

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By having Athens as your base, you are able to plan one or two-day tours to explore the countryside and visit unique landmarks and monuments in a distance of not more than 150 kilometers.

Sounio, Attica

Only a breath away from the city and just a short ride along the scenic Athens coastline you will find beautiful Sounio! This area is not only loved by the locals but also attracts a lot of tourists. Standing guard on a cliff and high above the sea, the temple of Poseidon pays homage to the God of the Seas. The spot where the ancient temple was erected provides for a classic Greek moment and a one of a kind sea and sunset view experience! Around the area of the temple, you can swim and enjoy gold and sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and relax in fancy restaurants or traditional Greek taverns. And if you want to get to know Sounio even more, it also provides plenty of 5-Star hotel options for your stay and some excellent clubs for your night out.


The largest city and capital of the Korinthia state and a major commercial and cultural center in Greece. The city center has wide roads to drive, a number of parks and plazas and a nice little port. The pretty stone-paved streets make for a pleasant walk for shopping, coffee or an early drink, and the beautiful traditional Greek taverns by the sea, for a nice evening dinner. At the same time, around the city, you can find a plethora of ancient monuments, museums, and historical landmarks.

Only 84 kilometers west of Athens, is another magnificent place to spend your day. The ancient city of Korinthos, the Acrocorinth that is standing on a monolithic rock, overseeing the ancient city of Korinthos, the Archaeological Museum and the Sacred Heraion, dedicated to the Goddess Hera, near the city of Loutraki, are a series of important landmarks to visit. The Isthmus of Korinthos (Corinth Canal), an achievement of construction that cuts through the mainland and connects the Gulf of Korinthos with the Gulf of Saronikos, is a popular and scenic spot to visit.

Now, if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, you will be happy to know you can bungee jump in the Canal or if you are feeling lucky the luxurious Casino Loutraki is your way to go!

Nafplio, Argolisς

Nafplio, one of the most captivating and historical cities of the Peloponnese and only 148 kilometers away from Athens. The city of Nafplion is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Peloponnese. It has a beautiful coast and plenty of attractive beaches. In early 1830, it was the first capital of the Modern Hellenic democratic nation. The Old Town is a gorgeous area with its stone-street alleys and beautiful brownstones. There is a neoclassical vibe surrounding the entire city, that welcomes everyone to explore it and visit a plethora of available historical landmarks in the area. The Frankish, Venetian and Turkish conquistadors throughout time have influenced the city’s culture and architecture. Ancient fortifications, medieval castles, buildings erected by the Ottomans, and several monuments add to the city’s charming beauty.

Mikines, Argolis

Mikines is a well-known archaeological site in Greece, located in the Peloponnese between the cities of Argos and Nafplio. Here is where the ancient civilization of Mikines and the kingdom of Agamemnon, the ruler of the Greeks in the war against Troia, prospered throughout the years. A one-day trip to Mkines can be coupled with a visit to Epidavros and Corinth. Only 120 kilometers away from the country’s capital, it can even be visited having Athens as your base.

Epidavros, Argolis

Epidavros has become an important cultural hub due to its vibrant and rich history that surrounds it. Given the rather short one-and-a-half-hour drive distance from Athens (125 kilometers), there are multiple cultural events every summer, such as festivals and theatre shows. The ancient theatre of Epidavros makes it ideal for the latter, due to the unique aesthetics and perfect crystal-clear acoustics it can provide. Epidavros stands amidst a full of green landscape and is found near some beautiful sandy beaches.